Overwatch's Year of the Ox limited-time event is live now with a new brawl & rewards

By Heidi Nicholas,
Year of the Ox, Overwatch's limited-time Lunar New Year event, is live now. It runs for the next three weeks until February 25th, with a new Bounty Hunter brawl and weekly challenges and rewards.

The Bounty Hunter brawl hands out points for claiming bounties, with the first player to make a kill becoming the first Target and turning every other player into a Bounty Hunter. You get extra points for taking out Targets, but killing one means you become the next Target yourself. The two other Lunar New Year brawls are Capture the Flag and Capture the Flag Blitz, which asks for six captures instead of three.

Year of the Ox has new rewards, such as themed skins and player icons, for completing its weekly challenges. Winning three games in Week 1, from February 4th to the 11th, unlocks the Stonefaced Baptiste player icon. Winning six games unlocks the Terracotta Squad spray, while nine games gets you the Terracotta Medic Baptiste Epic skin. In Week 2, from February 11th to the 18th, you can get the Wanderer McCree player icon for winning three games, the Gunsmoke spray for winning six, and the Xiake McCree Epic skin for winning nine. In week 3, from February 18th to February 25th, you unlock the Imperial Guard Reaper player icon for winning three games, the Siwang spray for winning six, and the Imperial Guard Reaper Epic skin for winning nine. Year of the Ox also brings a number of other new cosmetics and skins, including the Bull Demon skin for Orisa, the Tiger Huntress skin for Ashe, the Dragonfire skin for Bastion, the Kkachi skin for Echo, and the Pale Serpent skin for Widowmaker. Year of the Ox runs until February 25th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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