Fall Guys Season 3.5 arrives today with a new level and 40+ variations for existing levels

By Heidi Nicholas,
Season 3.5 of Fall Guys — affectionately but inefficiently dubbed by the community as "stop with the yeets, name it anything else, just don't include the word yeet, please I'm begging you" — arrives today, with a new DLC pack, a new level, over 40 variations of existing levels, and more.

Fall Guys

The new DLC is the Sugar Plum costume pack, letting you dress up a jelly bean in various fairy/nutcracker-themed outfits. Season 3.5 also brings variations to levels already in the game, such as adding fans next to a hammer so that you're forced to watch your little jelly bean character float helplessly in the air before getting flung out of the round, or hiding flippers in the Dizzy Heights level, so that every time your jelly bean tries to take cover from the rolling balls of doom, there's a small chance they will, again, be flung out of the round. Either way, there's a lot more chaos arriving in Fall Guys today.

Today's update will also add a Fall Feed and will bring the Godzilla, Sonic, and Goose Game costumes to the regular store. Season 3.5 should arrive some time today.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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