Resident Evil Village has an exclusive PS5 demo available now

By Heidi Nicholas,
Capcom's Resident Evil Showcase gave us a huge wave of new details about Resident Evil Village, including its May 7th release date, new gameplay and a new trailer, details on the PS5 excusive demo, and more info on Resident Evil Re:Verse. Along with the May 7th release date, it was confirmed that Resident Evil Village will launch for both PS5 and PS4, with a free upgrade from the PS4 version to the digital PS5 version. You can watch the showcase in full in the video below, which starts at around the 29-minute mark.

The new trailer gave us a better look at the intriguing Lady Dimitrescu, who runs Dimitrescu Castle with her three daughters, occasionally sending them out to hunt down Ethan. The Duke, who sells weapons and items, was also shown in more detail, but Capcom hints you should be wary of him, saying, "everything comes at a price, which is something the Duke is all too fond of reminding you of." A more mysterious character was shown, but Capcom isn't giving any info on him, merely saying, "we'll let you speculate on who he is for now. He doesn't seem particularly fond of Ethan, that much is for sure."

A new look at Resident Evil Village gameplay (at around the 34-minute mark) showed us combat, exploration, and the types of enemies and weapons Ethan will come across, as well as the first-person perspective we'll be using. Ethan was first shown moving through the village to Dimitrescu Castle to find his kidnapped daughter. Combat comes next, with the devs explaining that guarding will be as important as choosing when and where to shoot. The gameplay video also showed us the management system, crafting, the types of items the merchant will sell, and the sorts of puzzles and additional objectives Ethan will go up against.

Resident Evil Village

PS5 players can already access an exclusive demo, available to download now. This Maiden demo is free, and has you playing as a different character, in a separate story set in the same Resident Evil Village world. You won't be able to use combat or guard, and it's not clear how you'll be able to defend yourself as you try to escape the castle. A separate, new demo will be available for all platforms at some point in the spring.

Lastly, Resident Evil Re:Verse was officially unveiled as a new online multiplayer game with "fan-favourite characters clashing across familiar locales." You'll get Resident Evil: Re:Verse when you buy Resident Evil Village (there's a short RE Re:Verse teaser trailer at around the 42 minute-mark) and Capcom also gave a look at the bonus items included in the Deluxe and Collector's Editions of RE Village. The full livestream can be viewed in the video above to see more on everything to do with Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil Re:Verse, as well as for more info on Capcom's other announcements, such as the upcoming Resident Evil Infinite Darkness animated Netflix series.

Resident Evil Village launches on May 7th, and we'll update you when we hear more about the upcoming demo.
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Written by Heidi Nicholas
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