Two Point Hospital's Jumbo Edition arrives for consoles in March

By Heidi Nicholas,
Two Point Hospital console players will soon be able to own all expansions, as the last two — Off the Grid and Close Encounters — will be available either individually or as part of the game's new Jumbo Edition when it launches on March 5th.

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Off the Grid and Close Encounters were the last two expansions missing from the console version of the game. You can buy them separately or together with the Jumbo Edition, which Two Point Studios says is a "brand new, bigger, bulkier, edition of the game." Altogether, the Jumbo Edition brings more hospitals, illnesses, and items, with four expansions — Bigfoot, Pebberley Island, Close Encounters, and Off the Grid — and the Retro and Exhibition item packs, as well as a free update.

If you haven't yet played those last two expansions, Off the Grid is all about nature, with Two Point County's mayor obsessed with "eco-friendly success," and brings three new locations, 35 new illnesses, three new cure machines, and new items. Close Encounters is all about strange "out of this world" events, and includes three new locations, 34 new illnesses, three new cure machines, new gameplay, and new music.

The free update introduces room templates to let you build, save, and re-use your favourite room design, and the option to play versions of fan-favourite levels where you complete goals in return for stars. The update is free to everyone regardless of whether or not you buy the Jumbo Edition of Two Point Hospital, which launches on March 5th for PS4. It's also playable on the PS5 via backwards compatibility.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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