Announcing Warboats 2021 - bigger, better, even more boaty

By Rich Stone,
Last year we ran a lot of community events, and by far the most popular of the new challenges was Warboats.

Today we are launching Warboats 2021 - a bigger and better version of last year's event.


What is Warboats?

Warboats is a single player community challenge in which you are given a grid of locked trophies from your Game Collection, behind which are randomly placed CPU ships. The original contest had three ships, Warboats 2021 has a whopping five!

Your objective is to sink the ships in as few shots as possible, by unlocking the trophies on the grid. After each shot you'll be told if you've scored a hit or a miss, and can choose your next trophy based on where you think the ships are located.

You have one month to sink as many ships as you can, but a community challenge badge will be awarded as soon as you sink the first of them.

Sounds awesome, right? But there's something you REALLY need to do before you start playing

The target trophies will be randomly chosen from the games in your game collection - that means that you need to set games in your collection that you no longer have access to or don't want to play to "Not for contests" before you start.

The main complaint we have for any community event we run that includes a target list of trophies is that people are surprised when they receive trophies that are in games they don't have any more. We have no way of knowing that you don't have access to games unless you tell us about it - yes it's a pain to do but it's a one-off task and this information will be used for any other contests that you enter.

You can read about how to manage your Game Collection for contests in this article.

Please note: This contest has platform selectors AND an option to only include games you've started — so if you don't want to play any PlayStation 3 games you don't need to go and set all of them to Not for Contests, you can just untick those platforms when you register.

My Game Collection is set up, how do I register?

Head on over to the Warboats 2021 Hub and click on the Register button to be taken to the Warboats registration page.

Choose the platforms you want to play on, and whether to include games you haven't started yet from your collection, and then click on Register to be given your target grid:

Each square of the 8x8 grid contains an trophy from your collection. We've purposely chosen trophies that are at the low end of the ratio, and excluded certain flag types to ensure they are unlockable.

You can hover over the trophy icon to see the details, or there's a list at the side (or below on mobile) that gives you the full game and trophy name for each square.

Pick a square to go for, unlock the trophy, and when you scan your grid will update with either a HIT (an explosion) or a miss (some water). Depending on the outcome, decide where to aim next, and rinse and repeat!

How many ships are there?

There are 5 ships, one that is 5 squares long, one that is 4 squares long, two that are 3 squares long and one that is 2 squares long. Everyone has their own random ship positions so there's no benefit in looking at anyone else's grid for clues on yours!

Ships cannot overlap, extend outside the grid, or be placed diagonally. However, they can be directly adjacent to another ship.

For more details, please see the Warboats 2021 FAQ.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Rich created TrueTrophies in order to reward gamers properly for the hardest trophies they earned. The site has now become one of the leading PlayStation communities around, and Rich is just as passionate as he's ever been about trophies and PlayStation.
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