CDPR has shared a Cyberpunk 2077 update roadmap & apologised for its console launch

By Heidi Nicholas,
Marcin Iwinski, co-founder of CD Projekt Red, has issued an apology for the console launch of Cyberpunk 2077 and gone into detail on developer plans for the game's future with a roadmap for future updates and DLC releases. Iwinski also confirmed that the next-gen upgrade will arrive in the second half of this year.

CDPR has also provided more info over on its site. Iwinski describes one of CDPR's founding principles as "honest and direct communication with gamers," along with the "ambition to make the best games in the world... Based on that legacy of genuine and honest communication, you've trusted us and pre-ordered our game," he continues. "The console version of Cyberpunk 2077 did not meet the quality standard we wanted it to meet... I, and the entire leadership team, are deeply sorry for this and this video is me publicly owning up to that."

Iwinski also offers some insight into what was going on behind the scenes during Cyberpunk's development, and says the team "underestimated the task" of bringing the game to current-gen consoles. Iwinski points to the huge scope of the game as a major challenge, "but we made it even more difficult for ourselves by wanting to make the game look epic on PCs and then adjusting it to consoles - especially old-gens," he says.

CDPR update roadmap

Cyberpunk 2077 has already had three hotfixes. Its free DLC content, meanwhile, had originally been planned for release soon after the game itself, but CDPR has changed its focus and aims to keep concentrating on fixing bugs and crashes with "bigger and smaller patches on a regular basis." Iwinski says the first update will arrive within ten days, "followed by another, more significant one in the following weeks. We will of course continue to work on the game in future updates and improvements beyond that — our big plans for supporting Cyberpunk in the long term did not change." From the roadmap above, it seems the team are planning to focus on updates first and release DLC content afterwards, followed by the free next-gen update, which Iwinski should still arrive in 2021, in the latter half of the year.

"Please don't fault any of our teams for what happened," Iwinski says. "They all are incredibly talented and hard working. Myself and the board are the final decision makers and it was our call to release the game... I assure you that we will do our best to regain your trust."
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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