The Dead Cells Fatal Falls DLC arrives for PS4 later this month with new levels & enemies

By Heidi Nicholas,
Fatal Falls brings new levels, weapons, and enemies, including a new boss, when it arrives for Dead Cells on PS4 in a few weeks' time on January 26th.

Motion Twin says the DLC will have you "leap across the floating islands of The Fractured Shrines, descend a stormy cliff face in The Undying Shores and conquer a new green-fingered boss in fresh mid-game content designed to expand the Dead Cells universe and add variety to runs for people who want to support the development of the game." Fatal Falls will be priced at $4.99/€4.99.

The devs also give a little more info over on the game's Steam page. The floating islands of the Fractured Shrines are connected by narrow ledges and defended by traps, "pagan snake people and giant statues with even bigger axes." The Undying Shores house caves with "strange experiments and undead healers," and you will find the new boss roaming about The Mausoleum. This boss is a gardener "who absolutely adores flowers and mushrooms. Unfortunately you are neither of those things..."

Motion Twin adds that these levels are alternatives to Stilt Village/Clock Tower and Slumbering Sanctuary/Forgotten Sepulchre, with the gardener boss "designed to be on par with The Time Keeper." Fatal Falls launches on January 26th, and the devs also confirmed that the Malaise update won't be far behind Fatal Falls — it arrives for free "somewhere in February."
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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