IO Interactive has now revealed all six Hitman 3 locations

By Heidi Nicholas,
Hitman 3 is almost here, and IO Interactive has taken the opportunity to reveal a spoiler-free list of all the six locations in the game.

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IOI's list starts with Agent 47 "literally on top of the world" in Dubai, "at the opening ceremony of the tallest building in the world." Next, he's heading to Dartmoor in the UK for what seems to be a complete change in pace — as well as taking out the target, 47 will also be investigating a murder: "travel to the historic Thornbridge Manor in Dartmoor for a mission with a murder mystery twist. Choose your own path to your objectives or take on the role of detective to solve a murder and eliminate your target."

At the "mid-way point of the game," Agent 47 heads to Berlin, Germany, and "as the story intensifies," he moves on to Chongqing, China, before the "penultimate mission" takes him to Mendoza, Argentina. Finally, for the "final mission in the World of Assassination trilogy," 47 will head back to Romania, to the Carpathian mountains.

IO Interactive says that "each location has been crafted to deliver a unique and memorable gameplay experience, from the game’s first mission at the tallest building in the world through to the dramatic epilogue that concludes the trilogy in style with a narrative-focused finale." Hitman 3 launches next week on January 20th — don't forget to check the Hitman 3 trophy list to see what you'll be up against.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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