BioWare has shared a new piece of Dragon Age concept art

By Heidi Nicholas,
BioWare has celebrated the New Year with a new piece of Dragon Age concept art. Executive producer Christian Dailey tweeted the image along with a New Year's message, and Dragon Age fans have been quick to begin speculating on what it could mean.

The last we saw of the next Dragon Age game was a cinematic teaser trailer, during which we briefly saw a character wielding a similar bow to the one shown in the image above, but wearing different armour and a different helmet. Over on the Dragon Age subreddit, players think it likely that the next game will be set in Tevinter, and that we could see more of a crossover with magic in combat, like with the figures shown in the trailer and concept art. One theory is that this image gives us a look at an arcane archer, while some suggest that since the figure is armoured everywhere except their feet, it could be an ancient elf.

It's not often we get any new Dragon Age details, and it looks as though the game could still be a long way off. Before last month's trailer, the last we'd seen was a behind-the-scenes look at the game with developer interviews and a few concept art images. Hopefully, Dailey's tweet means we could hear something more about the game in 2021 — we'll keep you posted.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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