Kena: Bridge of Spirits gets new story details as part of PlayStation Magazine interview

By Heidi Nicholas,
If you've been waiting for Kena: Bridge of Spirits, you'll know it looks beautiful, but aside from the fact that it's an action-adventure game, we haven't heard too much info about it so far. Now, an interview with the game's co-creators has given us some new details about bosses, story, and tone.

It's part of an interview for the Official PlayStation Magazine with Josh and Mike Grier, the game's co-creators. Kena is the Spirit Guide tasked with protecting the Rot — those fuzzy little creatures which follow her around — and helping trapped and corrupted spirits. Josh says this is "taxing... it really ties into the themes of forgiveness and letting go." Despite the game's adorable characters and art style, it has a "darker and more emotional tone" too. Each of the game's bosses "is the corrupted spirit of a particular individual in the story who must let go of this world and move on." Their design seems to be based on a number of things: "elements of the spirit's original personality and backstory," and influenced by "animals with characteristics that represent the spirit."

We don't yet know what the game's map will look like, but the co-creators mention a "forest region" as just one of the areas we'll be exploring. They also mention the possibility of DLC, saying, "there's definitely opportunities for additional spirits that we couldn't get into this game that would have additional loops you could go on to open up in the game." There are also a few titbits of info on how the DualSense controller will factor into gameplay, with Mike commenting, "we use haptics on all of Kena's abilities and shield," and adding that adaptive triggers are currently being used for the bow.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is currently on track to release in Q1 2021.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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