Metro Exodus is coming to PS5 next year — free upgrade for PS4 owners

By Brittany Vincent,
Metro Exodus is getting a new lease on life with next-gen systems as an enhanced version makes its way down the line.

Developer 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver just announced the new version, which anyone who owns the shooter can get a free upgrade to.

The enhanced version of the game will include quicker loading times, upgraded resolution with ray tracing support, improved frame rates, and a swath of additional features.

There isn't currently a release date set in stone for when we can expect the updated version to debut, but we do know it'll arrive next year. The actual date is likely coming down the pipeline soon enough. When it does get here, the game will be headed to Linux, Mac, and Amazon's Luna streaming service as well.

But perhaps the most exciting news of all is the fact that 4A Games says that the next Metro game is already in development, with the game engine undergoing a series of changes "to take advantage of the new power, storage and hardware-supported ray-tracing afforded by the new consoles."

Most of the studio's focus will lie squarely on making a good single-player experience, but it's planning on exploring multiplayer concepts as well. We'll have to see what happens as 4A lines out its future plans soon enough.

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