Sony boss Jim Ryan: "I humbly submit that we've never been in better shape than we are"

By Brittany Vincent,
It looks like PlayStation as a whole is doing well, according to Sony CEO Jim Ryan — possibly, the best shape ever, according to his comments in a recent interview.

Speaking to GQ UK, Ryan responded to an assessment that the PlayStation 5 feels like a "redo" of the PlayStation 4 era in some ways, with the team coming strong with a lineup of exclusives and a "very capable" console.

"That’s certainly the strategy with which we launch when it comes to the games that we make ourselves from Worldwide Studios," said Ryan. "I humbly submit that we've never been in better shape than we are now. The studios over the course of the PS4 generation have really come on. It's a real point of difference for us and we intend to continue to grow that capability."

Ryan stated that the team had invested a lot "organically" throughout the PS4 generation, more than many realize. He noted that the team is "making great games now," and plans to keep up that momentum.

"The thing with those blockbuster games is that they need a box office release," he said. "They cost more than $100m dollars to make these days and in order to be able to do that and bring new IP to the market – which is a very risky thing and and we did four times in the PS4 generation – you've got to have a box office release."

It remains to be seen, of course, if the company can keep this momentum up. But with the full slate it's got for 2021, that shouldn't be any sort of issue.