Marvel's Avengers kicks off Season One with Kate Bishop — Taking AIM

By Brittany Vincent,
Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced the first major update for Marvel's Avengers since its initial launch.

Hero Kate Bishop will be arriving in the game in early December, alongside Operation Taking AIM, which kicks off Season 1 of Marvel's Avengers. There will be additional heroes and story content on the way, with the game focusing on the newest Hawkeye as she works to rescue her friend Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye, from the clutches of evil. That's always the way.

This part of the story gets interesting, as Bishop will have to use some of Hank Pym's (Antman's) technology to go on her quest to save Barton in a tale that picks up immediately after the events of the game. Kate seeks out the assistance of, you guessed it, the rest of the Avengers.

It looks like Bishop and Barton will play in significantly different ways. For instance, Kate can use teleportation powers, shift away from enemies and use her sword, double jump air dash, unleash ranged attacks, and even get unlimited bow energy for a time.

The Taking AIM update will also come with a new enemy in the form of the Super Adaptoid, capable of using all the Avengers' abilities at the same time.

You can try out the Taking AIM update when it debuts on December 8th.