Dirt 5's DualSense haptics to be revised on PS5

By Brittany Vincent,
Dirt 5 may have just made its next-gen debut on PlayStation 5, but it looks like one of the core parts of its identity as a next-gen title is set to change.

During a recent conversation as part of a two-hour GameOnDaily livestream about the next-gen console launch, Dirt 5 technical director David Springate shared his thoughts on the game's haptics system.

"I've seen a lot of people say 'I want to pick up Dirt 5 on PS5 because of the haptics. It's really interesting to me because I've seen a lot of people I hang out with on various forums, and I hang out in the Dirt 5 Discord," said Springate. "I've seen a lot of people say they really like the PS5 haptics. We're not happy with it, so we're going to be revisiting our haptics, even though I've not seen anybody say I hate the haptics in Dirt 5, we are not happy with it so we're going to go back and redo it."

Previously, Springate had nothing but positive things to say about the PS5's haptics in Dirt 5, but now it appears he's changed his tune a bit. So while what's in the game is certainly sufficient, it seems fans will get the chance to try out a successfully remade set of haptics in the near future.

The changes will roll out to Dirt 5 for PS5 owners by way of a new update, but there isn't a date for when to expect it just yet.

One of the most thrilling components of the PS5 is indeed the DualSense controller, so it makes sense that Springate would be concerned about making sure the haptics were the best they could possibly be. It should be interesting to see what changes going forward.

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