Rockstar teases big GTA Online update

By Brittany Vincent,
Rockstar Games is going to be unveiling some seriously content-rich updates for GTA Online in the coming days.

If the developer's latest update is any indication, this new content drop is going to be one of the "biggest ever" updates for GTA Online.

Teasers have been going up left and right, showcasing a series of bodies washing up all over GTA Online clutching briefcases. These findings appeared to be teasing something new in terms of a heist, island, or some sort of new map.

Thanks to the latest teaser Rockstar shared on Twitter, we now know that players can expect to interact with the "El Rubio Dossier" as well as make their way over to a massive new island-based map with a huge villa and farm to explore. This would make the game's very first map expansion.

Other than what Rockstar is currently teasing, such as an individual named "John Doe" who's part of an organization called "El Rubio," we also know that person was last seen at the Los Santos International Airport. That's about it, though. Rockstar seems to want to be intentionally vague at the moment, which is understandable.

It seems an announcement is imminent, though it might be a little longer with a few more teases until Rockstar is ready to spill the beans entirely. It might be a good time to decide you want to invest more time in GTA Online, though.

For now, at least until we know more about the new content, you could always go back and play through Grand Theft Auto V. It's always a classic, after all.