Currys PC World cancels PS5 orders after accidentally selling stock early

By Sean Carey,
Currys PC World has cancelled some PlayStation 5 orders today after a system error accidentally released stock early.

Currys originally planned to sell PS5 consoles at 9 AM this morning, but customers found they could place orders early, with some managing to secure a PS5 from as early as 5.30 AM. According to Eurogamer, who saw a tweet from Currys that's now been deleted, this was an error, and the retailer has begun cancelling those early orders.

The tweet reportedly read, "Unfortunately due to an error on our site we were allowing customers to check out the PS5 before they went live at 9 am. Due to this, we have had to cancel orders, and the funds will be released back to you. Please accept my apologies."

Due to this error, Currys postponed its 9 AM launch to 11 AM before cancelling it entirely.

For those that did manage to get their orders in early, this will definitely be a disappointment. If you were one of the customers that got an order in before 9 AM you might want to check your email just in case yours has been cancelled. It's currently unclear how much stock has been sold and when Curry's will be getting more consoles in to sell.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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