Sony transforms the London Underground in celebration of PS5 launch

By Brittany Vincent,
Sony just rebranded the London Underground with the iconic PlayStation shapes, and the makeover looks pretty awesome.

PlayStation teamed up with Transport for London in a bid for some temporary cosmetic alterations to Underground stations across the city in celebration of the PS5's release.

That means the iconic rounded red signs typically seen around the city were changed over to the Triangle, Cross, Square, and Circle shapes we all famously associate with PlayStation. Roundel signs denoting the Oxford Circus Tube station were rebranded, as well as the interior station walls of the Victoria, Bakerloo, and Center line platforms.

West Ham is now "Horizon Forbidden West Ham," while Seven Sisters can be seen as "Gran Turismo 7 Sisters", and so on, along with artwork from some of PlayStation's most iconic series plastered on the walls. That's including "Ratchet and Clankaster Gate," which Lancaster Gate had turned into in tribute to Ratchet and Clank. The shapes were even seen in front of the Microsoft Store!

Some of the alterations are only available to view for 48 hours, including the Oxford Circus locations, but they're indicative of how exciting the PlayStation 5 launch is now that it's finally out.

Seeing these iconic shapes being scattered throughout the great city of London to celebrate the PS5's arrival is a bit surreal, but as you can all likely agree, pretty awesome as well.