V1 Interactive updates several of Disintegration's trophies following server shutdown

By Sean Carey,
Back in September, developer V1 Interactive announced that multiplayer servers for Disintegration were closing and that some of the game's trophy requirements would be changed to unlock offline. The servers have, sadly, now closed and V1 has stuck to its word and made the affected trophies unlockable offline.


In total, four trophies were due to be discontinued thanks to their online requirement. Now, thanks to V1, these can be unlocked without needing the online multiplayer portion of the game. The Happy Little Trees trophy is now called Wrecking Crew and asks players to deal 20,000 damage in a mission instead of crafting a custom badge. Tough Stuff has had its requirements changed to defeating an enemy Thunderhead instead of completing a multiplayer challenge. The Battle Tested trophy has also changed and now wants players to defeat an enemy Gravcycle instead of completing a round of multiplayer. Finally, Suit up, which is now called Busy Nanites, has players repairing 10,000 damage in a mission instead of customising a multiplayer crew.

DisintegrationWrecking CrewThe Wrecking Crew trophy in Disintegration worth 24 pointsDeal 20,000 damage in a mission.

DisintegrationTough StuffThe Tough Stuff trophy in Disintegration worth 25 pointsDefeat an enemy Thunderhead.

DisintegrationBattle TestedThe Battle Tested trophy in Disintegration worth 25 pointsDefeat an enemy Gravcycle.

DisintegrationBusy NanitesThe Busy Nanites trophy in Disintegration worth 24 pointsRepair 10,000 damage in a mission.

V1 Interactive could have taken the easy road like so many other developers have done in the past and could have closed Disintegration's servers without updating the trophies. Thankfully the dev team didn't do that, and they must be commended for it. Similarly, Bungie also updated the trophy requirements for several trophies in Destiny 2 after the decision was made to remove some of the game's older content.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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