Fortnite is getting in-game video chat with Houseparty

By Sean Carey,
Here's something a lot of people probably didn't see coming: Epic Games is teaming up with Houseparty to offer in-game video chat for players during Fortnite matches and events.

PS4, PS5, and PC players can download the Houseparty app on the iOS and Android mobile devices and connect Houseparty to their Epic Games accounts. Once all linked up, they can then join Houseparty rooms with their friends, with the Houseparty chat displaying on the edge of their TV screens during a game of Fortnite. Your phone camera acts as the webcam for the live chat, and Epic says that video chat is specially cropped to focus on players' faces. All players will be given a Fortnite-themed virtual background, so only their faces are shown.

It's a pretty nifty feature that is ideal for casual players who are looking to hang out and play a few matches with friends, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions in place across many different countries. If it turns out to be a success, more developers and publishers might start including a video chat feature like this one in their games.

As a bonus, those who link their Epic Games and Houseparty accounts will receive a special Rainbow Fog Wrap.

Houseparty in-game video chat is live in Fortnite now. For more on the Epic Games/Houseparty partnership, and on how to download the app and get everything set up, check out the official announcement here.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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