Immortals Fenyx Rising will get three Season Pass expansions & free post-launch content

By Heidi Nicholas,
Ubisoft has a lot of post-launch content planned for Immortals Fenyx Rising, including three major DLC expansions for the Season Pass, and free content for all players.

The Season Pass gets you access to three pieces of major DLC content and a bonus quest. The first DLC pack, A New God, sees Fenyx heading to Olympus as a full god themselves, seeking to earn their place in the Pantheon and to test their godly prowess through new puzzle types and trials. "Once the young god has earned the favours of Aphrodite, Athena, Ares, Hephaistos and Hermes, they will be ready to challenge the King of the gods himself, Zeus."

The second piece of DLC, Myths of the Eastern Realm, will take you to an entirely new land and looks especially interesting. You'll be playing as a new hero, Ku, in a tale all about Chinese mythology. "When a brutal war breaks out between Heaven and Earth, humanity is turned back into the clay that the Goddess Nuwa formed them from. But one brave hero, Ku, escapes the curse of the broken heavens and emerges into the fallen world." Ku will be going up against new gods and monsters, aided by Nuwa and the Phoenix.

The Lost Gods, the third piece of DLC, also brings an interesting new angle to the gameplay. It's a "brawler-style of combat" with a top-down isometric view. This is meant to imitate Fenyx's own perspective, as you will again be playing a new hero: Ash. In this third piece of DLC, chaos is erupting all over the world because several of the Olympian gods have abandoned their homes. Fenyx, as the God of Unity, wants to bring them back, but is forced to rely on a mortal, Ash, since Zeus has forbidden the gods from intervening. The Lost Gods takes Ash to the Pyrite Islands to look for Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter, and Boreas, all of whom have their own reasons for leaving, and all of whom will need to be persuaded to return. Ash is the playable character but will be aided by Fenyx, and Ubisoft lists this as one reason for the top-down isometric angle to this DLC.

Season Pass and post-launch content

The Season Pass also unlocks access to the bonus quest, When the Road Gets Rocky, which sees Fenyx trying to learn how to prophesise. The Season Pass itself is included in the Gold Edition of Immortals Fenyx Rising.

All players, meanwhile, will have access to free content including daily and weekly quests, community contests, vault challenges, cosmetics, and more. Immortals Fenyx Rising launches in just over two weeks, on December 3rd.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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