My Name is Mayo 2 trophy list revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the My Name is Mayo 2 Trophy list.

There are 51 trophies, none of which are hidden.

My Name is Mayo 2 Trophies

Name Description
My Name is Mayo - The Second! High Cholesterol, High Reward. icon
Outer Steak Hit the Mayo 5 times icon
A plant of eggs A type of berry (Hit 50 times!) icon
Gesu´ndheit Bubbles (Hit 100 times!) icon
Delicious feets Cucumber’s fetish (Hit 500 times!) icon
Smart cutie pie. Japanese discoveries. (Hit 750 times!) icon
Do you feel it? Pili (Hit this 1500 times!) icon
eEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE Queen’s friendly pets (Hit 3000 times!) icon
Let's get ready to grumble! A bunch of pugs (Hit 6000 times!) icon
But if you sing, sing, sing sing. Get the microphone! (Hit 10000 times!) icon
The most beautiful secret This is beautiful (Unlock all) icon
Love life Hit the Mayo 75 times icon
These modern days Wear a mask (Hit this 50 times) icon
Apes and cats App of love (Hit this 75 times) icon
Soap and love don’t mix Go ape! (Hit this 150 times) icon
Is this organic? Wash them often (Hit this 250 times) icon
Selenites beware Peas love carrots (Hit this 200 times) icon
Looking fly for a mayo guy Shoot to the moon (Hit this 400 times) icon
Stood up Flies are annoying (Hit this 350 times) icon
Half-living Stop crying your heart out (Hit this 450 times) icon
Materialism is peas and carrots Be your better half (Hit this 550 times) icon
Dreams are made of this Hit the Mayo 150 times. icon
Quitting the dream THE mime (Hit this 50 times) icon
Banned in California Daddy didn’t give attention (Hit this 75 times) icon
Not the buns you’d like Kinky stunts (Hit this 150 times) icon
Are ya winning? The buns that are hot (Hit this 250 times) icon
Tears of parenting Horsing around (Hit this 150 times) icon
Epiphany! Mime your dad (Hit this 150 times) icon
Follow your nose! Your new eyes (Hit this 200 times) icon
New horizons Got your nose! (Hit this 75 times) icon
REALLY Horsing around Horizon one up (Hit this 300 times) icon
Alone in the jar Hit the Mayo 35 times icon
Hang in there Loneliness (Hit this 50 times) icon
Charging is pointless Hanging calls (Hit this 75 times) icon
Chicks, man! Plug your charger (Hit this 120 times) icon
Hazardous peeps On the prowl (Hit this 175 times) icon
Unbearably moist Stranger danger (Hit this 200 times) icon
Be yourself A little too close and personal (Hit this 100 times) icon
Alone with your thoughts... Inner you (Hit this 150 times) icon
Stare into the abyss... Moving on your own (Hit this 400 times) icon
Lonely but homely YOU’RE one to talk (Hit this 200 times) icon
Avoiding problems causes swollen legs Hit the Mayo 2000 times! icon
I’m waiting for the right chance, mom! Skip 20 life problems icon
The job market, man... Make 30 angry statements icon
Finding a money-giving place Make 50 dollah icon
There is no better time than pizza time Flap over 30 buildings icon
Sausage pizzas are a hot topic Deliver pizza joy to 100 people icon
Elevator? What’s that? Go up 20 moving stars icon
Delivering pizza was never easy Feel the pressure of your heart icon
Can’t let hot pizza go to waste Open the door! icon
Honest mistakes Eat 30 pizza slides icon
My Name is Mayo 2 is developed and published by Green Lava Studios and is releasing today.
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Written by Rich Stone
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