Exit the Gungeon trophy list revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Exit the Gungeon Trophy list.

There are 48 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Exit the Gungeon

Name Description
Exit the Gungeon Exit the Gungeon icon
Passing My Test Completed Manuel's Test, A Great Achievement icon
Win Successfully Exited The Gungeon icon
Bull In The Heather Mastered The Coltaur icon
Dethroned Mastered His Majesty's Chancellor icon
Hollow Victory Mastered The High Priest Past icon
Six Six Six Gun Mastered The Chamber Of Flame.+ icon
Smash Brother Mastered The Mecha Bullet. icon
Set In Stone Mastered The Medusalier icon
Gato Roboto Mastered The Meowitzer icon
Ouroboros Mastered The Bolt Python icon
Behold, Again Mastered The Armored Beholster icon
Death From Below Mastered The Deathvator icon
Shrine On Mastered The Kill Shrine icon
Four Guns Mastered Gungamesh icon
The Last Boss Mastered The Lich Dragun icon
Elevated Enlightenment Accessed All Elevator Types icon
Breakout Rescued All Npcs From The Cell icon
Green No More Aced Just Dessert Golf icon
Chester Bester Aced Winchester's Game icon
Flawless Beginner Completed Level 1 Boss Without Taking Damage. icon
Flawless Journeyman Completed Level 2 Boss Without Taking Damage. icon
Flawless Apprentice Completed Level 3 Boss Without Taking Damage. icon
Flawless Master Completed Level 4 Boss Without Taking Damage. icon
Flawless Victory Completed Level 5 Boss Without Taking Damage. icon
Man Of Hats Bought All Hats. icon
Skin Trade Bought All Skins. icon
Getting The Band Back Together Unlocked All Characters. icon
Big Spender Bought Something From Bello. icon
Year Of The Ox Bought Something From Cadence And Ox. icon
Sunset Overdrive Exited The Gungeon As The Pilot. icon
Money, Cash, Woes Exited The Gungeon As The Convict. icon
Soldier Of Fortune Exited The Gungeon As The Marine. icon
Hunter Exit Hunter Exited The Gungeon As The Hunter. icon
Blue Screen Exited The Gungeon As The Robot. icon
Sidekick Story Exited The Gungeon As The Cultist. icon
Bullet Time Exited The Gungeon As The Bullet. icon
Combo Breaker Reached Max Combo. icon
Lock Steps Helped Flynt Avoid Embarassment. icon
Lost in Translation Helped Goopton With Something Personal. icon
Secure Seating Upgraded Bello's Stools. icon
Natural and Artificial Flavors Sated Daisuke's Craving. icon
No Link Cable Needed Gave The Old Man Something To Fiddle With. icon
Able Reunited Old Red with Daisy. icon
Beastmaster Achieved Beast Mode Level 2. icon
Tentacle Espionage Action Mastered The Glocktopus. icon
At The Helm Aced Helmet Kick. icon
Octo-Rockin' Carry Eight Weapons At Once icon
Exit the Gungeon is developed by Dodge Roll Games and published by Devolver Digital, and was released on 13 November 2020.
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