Dirt 5 developer details PS5 next-gen enhancements

By Brittany Vincent,
Dirt 5 is racing its way to PlayStation 5 soon enough, and with it are several improvements to keep it on par with what current-gen games have to offer. The game is officially out on PlayStation 4 this week, but that hasn't stopped developer Codemasters from showing off what the PS5 version is capable of, with all that torque under the hood.

In a new video clip detailing what's careening down the track for the PS5 version of Dirt 5, technical director David Springate discusses just a few of the game's enhancements for the latest console. It will include support for up to 120fps on displays that can handle as such, which should make for a smooth, fluid experience in which players can take in all the speed as they zoom around each course.

Of course, the game will also take advantage of the PS5's DualSense controller. Both its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will be utilized to make it feel much more like you're actually behind the wheel of your favorite vehicle.

Springate notes that 3D audio is also a part of the experience, which will allow you to add 7.1 surround sound to the game just by hooking up a regular pair of headphones. You'll hear music as it moves around in-game, since it's being piped in via the speakers around each track. That's more of how it would be in real life if you were in the real world, so it should lend some interesting realism to the game.

If the wait is too long to bear for the PS5 version of Dirt 5, you can pick up the Amplified Edition right now, though the standard edition is set to debut on Friday, November 6th. If you purchase the current-gen version of the game on any platform, you'll get a free next-gen upgrade when the PlayStation 5 version debuts on November 10th.

Looks like it's time to get out there and start racing.

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