Genshin Impact 1.1 update will add new characters, quests, and more

By Brittany Vincent,
Genshin Impact has proven itself time and time again as one of the hottest free-to-play MMOs around right now. With the introduction of its 1.1 content update, titled "A New Star Approaches," it's going to be even more difficult for other games to wrestle that title from its mantle.

The update, which is set to touch down on November 11th, is bringing four new playable characters, including two 5-star characters, to the game. There will also be a new set of quests, the game's very first seasonal event, and a special Reputation system that will be in place throughout specific in-game regions.

Out of the four new characters, players can choose from Zhongli, the 5-star geo polearm user, Childe, the 5-star hydro archer, and Xinyan and Diona, 4-star characters with elemental combos that should be able to make short work of your enemies.

In terms of new quests, the Liyue chapter's finale is coming, rounding out three acts' worth of quests for the main storyline on its way. That's in addition to the game's first seasonal event, Unreconciled Stars. It will run for two weeks, and ask players to fight against a "terrible catastrophe" that's befallen Teyvat. Players will receive rewards in the form of 4-star character Fischl after completing new quests and co-op challenges.

Further, the new Reputation System will grant new ratings for each in-game city. Higher Reputation will grant players better rewards per region, like a series of new items that come with the latest update. These include a portable stove, portable waypoint, treasure compass, and oculus resonance stones.

After the update lands, players will also be able to enjoy Genshin Impact on PlayStation 5 with improved graphics and better loading times. Looks like it's a great time to jump in if you haven't already.
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