Ghost of Tsushima: Legends stats detailed ahead of today's Raid launch

By Heidi Nicholas,
Sony and Sucker Punch have shared some player stats for the first ten days of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, just in time for the launch of the Tale of Iyo Raid today.

Ghost of Tsushima

According to the stats, players had already played almost 12 million Legends mode missions, defeated 141 million Oni, summoned 22.7 million spirit dogs, and defeated 1.3 billion enemies in the first ten days alone. These stats also showed that Assassin is so far the most popular class, having been chosen 30% of the time. In fact, Sucker Punch also previously shared that over two million matches were played just in the first weekend.

The devs have already detailed a little of their plans for the future of Legends, starting with the weekly challenges for a two-player story and four-player survival mission. The Tale of Iyo Raid, meanwhile, starts today — October 30th — at 3pm PT / 10pm GMT. The Raid is set in Iyo's realm and is the end of the Legends story. It's split into three chapters, and Sucker Punch has already warned that you'll need a minimum Ki level of 100 and a four-player team to manage it. Matchmaking is disabled "because the Raid requires excellent coordination and communication," so you'll need to get your team sorted beforehand. You'll need to have finished the story, and the devs also added that it's probably a good idea to go back and replay some survival missions on higher difficulty, but the Raid will be worth it, offering "unique cosmetics and top-level gear." The Raid starts tonight.

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Heidi Nicholas
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