Spacebase Startopia trophy list revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Spacebase Startopia Trophy list.

There are 31 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Spacebase Startopia

Name Description
Startopia Commander Wow, you really earned that title! icon
Victory over the Garbage Complete the mission "Garbage Empire". icon
Giddy in the Garbage Earn 222 positive ratings in the "Garbage Empire" mission. icon
Beat the limited Fuzzy Complete the "Garbage Empire" mission in under 15 minutes. icon
Escape from Alcatraz Complete the mission "The Prison Planet". icon
Top Cop Arrest 10 criminals within 15 minutes in the mission "The Prison Planet". icon
Muzzle the Mafia Complete the mission "The Prison Planet” without letting any Criminals leave the Station. icon
Party Fever Complete the mission "Nightlife". icon
Nightclub Owner Earn 25000 Energy in the mission "Nightlife". icon
180 bpm Complete the mission “Nightlife” in less than 25 minutes. icon
Disease Control Complete the mission "Viral Vegetation". icon
Pharmacist Produce 10 C.R.A.T.E.s of medicine in the "Viral Vegetation" mission. icon
The Protecting Hand Complete "Viral Vegetation" without an Alien’s health falling below 15%. icon
Successful Contact Complete the mission "The First Contact". icon
Radical Researcher Expand 10 different Research projects in the mission "The First Contact". icon
No Casualties Complete "The First Contact" without losing a single Mech Unit. icon
Market Economy Complete the mission "Market Economy". icon
Moral Compass Complete the "Market Economy" mission without selling Toxic Waste to Traders. icon
Mass Production Sell 30 Goods to a single Trader in the mission "Market Economy". icon
Transcendentality Complete the mission "A Spiritual Journey". icon
Temple Build 2 Temples on the Bio Deck in the mission "A Spiritual Journey". icon
Inner Peace Complete the mission "A Spiritual Journey" without more than 10 Aliens becoming angry. icon
90,000 Volts Complete the mission "The Thunderdome". icon
Robo Factory Build 3 Mechs in the mission "The Thunderdome". icon
A Heart for Robots Complete "The Thunderdome" without losing a single Mech. icon
Not Exactly Weak Complete the mission "Might Makes Right". icon
Good Mood Keep Satisfaction above 85% for 10 minutes in the mission "Might Makes Right". icon
Faster Than Lightning Conquer an enemy within the first 30 minutes in the mission "Might Makes Right". icon
System Crash Complete the mission "System Crash". icon
My Precious! Complete the "System Crash" mission without the Energy Core falling below 50%. icon
Robo Terminator Destroy all of the Robot Factories in the "System Failure" mission within 60 minutes. icon
Spacebase Startopia is developed by Realmforge Studios and published by Kalypso Media.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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