Genshin Impact's next Wish banner star is the explosive Klee

By Luke Albigés,
Genshin Impact has a new set of limited banners starting from tomorrow evening, and as Venti leaves the featured slot in the Wish banners, here's a fun little trailer for his replacement, Klee.

Anyone who has put a fair bit of time into Genshin Impact may already have crossed paths with Klee, as she's the star of a post-story extra mission that unlocks at Adventure Rank 32. In case you've not made it that far to get a chance to try her out for yourself, here's the gist: as you probably picked up from the trailer, she likes to make things go boom.

Klee is a 5* Pyro element catalyst user who is hotly tipped to join the ranks of the game's strongest DPS characters. Her regular attacks let her lob bombs around (seen used to great effect in the trailer in unison with Geo Traveller's meteor, letting Klee safely rain down explosives from above a group of enemies), while her Elemental attack is the wonderfully named Jumpy Dumpty — a summoned ally who hops forward several times emiting fiery blasts, before detonating into a cluster of equally cute bombs. Her Elemental Burst sees lasers rain down from flowers in the sky while Klee is left free to continue her explosive onslaught at the same time. Or to walk away from the resulting explosions in slow motion, which we also get to see in the suitably silly trailer.

klee banner

Klee is the promoted character on the Sparkling Steps banner, which opens tomorrow (October 20th) at 6pm server time. She's joined by three promoted 4* characters as well — Sucrose, Noelle, and Xingqiu — all of whom have their drop rates significantly enhanced for the duration of the banner. As with the other banners, you're given a 'pity' 5* drop if you haven't had one naturally within 90 pulls, and it has a 50% chance to be the featured character (getting someone else results in a guaranteed featured character as your next pity roll). And if you're not too keen on this set of characters and would rather give your arsenal a boost, the new Epitome Invocation weapon banner will launch at the same time. Featured here are the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds 5* catalyst and the Sacrificial 4* weapons, along with the Wolf's Gravestone 5* claymore which a lot of folks seem to have had their eye on for some time.

There's still no date set for Genshin Impact's v1.1 update (which will apparently add another set of characters and a new area), so you've still got some time to reach Adventure Rank 20 and get your free healer, Barbara, if you haven't already. It's looking like 1.1 will likely arrive when this current season ends in three weeks, but good luck with your character pulls in the meantime! Now get back to opening chests around Teyvat before Fischl starts jabbering on about her retinue...
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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