Try your luck with this Genshin Impact Wish simulator

By Luke Albigés,
Genshin Impact has proved to be a surprise hit since it launched a few weeks ago, but one thing that has been frustrating a lot of players is the rather stingy gacha drop rates for the most sought-after characters and weapons. If you fancy testing your luck on the various banners without testing your bank balance, this handy Wish simulator is an eye-opening way to see just how rare those 5* goodies really are.

We quickly burned through the equivalent of $2,500 to see what we'd get, and this is the cream of the crop from what we pulled. 20 of those elusive 5* items for two-and-a-half grand is... not the best.

Our luck on the Venti banner was pretty reflective of how it's gone in-game for us, not that we've spent anywhere near that figure in real life. Anemo all-star Venti took a while to show up, but we got him eventually, with a duplicate dropping just a few rolls later. He's the only 5* character with a rate increase at the moment, so the others — including powerful and popular folks like Jean, Diluc, Qiqi, and Mona — proved much harder to come by. We lucked into Qiqi after just a few hundred pretend dollars, and our first Diluc another couple of hundred later. We didn't see our first Mona until we'd dropped $1,250 in play money, but still no sign of Jean. Crazily, we had to throw $2,100 at the simulator before the Dandelion Knight joined our ranks. We actually managed to pull a second copy with our very last simulated roll, too.

In spending that much, we did manage to grab enough dupes of all bar two of the 4* characters to theoretically max out their constellations, and enough copies of around half the 4* weapons to hit their maximum refinement rank. You'd sort of expect to if you dropped more than two grand on the game though, to be fair. While the simulator might not be 100% accurate to the game's system, drop rates are certainly reflective of the real thing, and there's obviously a truckload of luck involved — you might randomly get Jean in your very first 10-pull (we know someone who did exactly that, and aren't at all jealous... no Sir, not us), or you may simply never get her. Such is the nature of systems like this, like it or not. If nothing else, it certainly does make finally getting a 5* drop feel like cause for celebration, but the current rates could certainly do with a little tweaking to be slightly more generous.

Give the Wish simulator a spin for yourself and let us know how you get on... and how your virtual rolls stack up against your in-game luck so far!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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