Swimsanity! trophy list revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Swimsanity! Trophy list.

There are 31 trophies, none of which are hidden.


Name Description
Versus - Cap an Orb Cap an Orb in Orb Rush icon
Versus - Use Team Unleash Use Team Unleash in Team Deathmatch icon
Adventure - Deep Blue Complete and Survive Deep Blue Adventure icon
Adventure - Toxic Lagoon Complete and Survive Toxic Lagoon Adventure icon
Adventure - Piranha Bay Complete and Survive Piranha Bay Adventure icon
Adventure - Crystal Caverns Complete and Survive Crystal Caverns Adventure icon
Adventure - Relic Reefs Complete and Survive Relic Reefs Adventure icon
Survival - Deep Blue Deep Blue - Survive to Wave 20 icon
Survival - Toxic Lagoon Toxic Lagoon - Survive to Wave 20 icon
Survival - Crystal Caverns Crystal Caverns - Survive to Wave 20 icon
Survival - Piranha Bay Piranha Bay - Survive to Wave 20 icon
Survival - Relic Reefs Relic Reefs - Survive to Wave 20 icon
Versus - Win at Sudden Death Win Deathmatch by Sudden Death icon
Versus - 15 Total KOs Versus - 15 Total KOs icon
Versus - 3 KO's in a Round Get all 3 KO's in a Round in Last Mooba Standing icon
Versus - Clean Cap Cap orb without being damaged in Team Orb Rush icon
Career - Total Enemy KOs KO 1000 Total Enemies icon
Career - 100 Total Career KOs 100 Total Career Player KOs icon
Career - Total Orb Caps 50 Total Orb Caps icon
Career -Use 100 Total Unleashes Use 100 Total Unleashes icon
Adventure-Sanity - Deep Blue Survived Deep Blue Adventure-Sanity icon
Adventure-Sanity - Toxic Lagoon Survived Toxic Lagoon Adventure-Sanity icon
Adventure-Sanity - Crystal Caverns Survived Crystal Caverns Adventure-Sanity icon
Adventure-Sanity - Piranha Bay Survived Piranha Bay Adventure-Sanity icon
Adventure-Sanity - Relic Reefs Survived Relic Reefs Adventure-Sanity icon
Career - Play 100 Total Games Play 100 Total Games icon
Career - 100 Total Wins Win 100 Matches icon
Career - Unleash Swimsanity Use Every Unleash Once icon
Versus - Play a Match Online Play a Match Online icon
Versus - Win a ranked match Win a ranked match icon
Swimsanity! is developed and published by Decoy Games.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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