Poll: what level are you in the new trophy system?

By Sean Carey,
Earlier this week, Sony announced significant changes to trophies, something which hasn't happened in a very long time. A new trophy level system has now been introduced, and as a result, your trophy level will have changed.

Trophy tiers

The previous level system was capped at 100, but now there are up to 999 levels to work your way through, which is quite a difference. With this new system in place, Sony has had to recalculate your level. If you were at trophy level 12 before the update, you will likely be somewhere in the low 200s now, but the exact level depends on the number and grades of trophies you've already unlocked. A total of ten tiers have also been introduced for these levels, which should give you a better indication of where you're sitting and how many levels you need to progress through to reach the next tier.

That's not all though, Platinum trophies have also changed and are now worth a lot more, so if you've got a lot of Platinums, you'll likely see a considerable bump up the rankings.

With all these adjustments now in place across the world, we want to know: what level are you in the new trophy system? Let us know by voting in this weeks poll! Also, what are your thoughts on the new trophy level system? Give us your opinion in the comments down below, and let's kick off a discussion about the changes.
What level are you in the new trophy system?
  • Bronze: between levels 1 and 993.37% (17)
  • Bronze: between levels 100 and 1995.95% (30)
  • Bronze: between levels 200 and 29925.4% (128)
  • Silver: between levels 300 and 39932.34% (163)
  • Silver: between levels 400 and 49920.24% (102)
  • Silver: between levels 500 and 5997.34% (37)
  • Gold: between levels 600 and 6992.58% (13)
  • Gold: between levels 700 and 7990.4% (2)
  • Gold: between levels 800 and 9981.39% (7)
  • Platinum: level 9990.99% (5)
We've had 504 responses.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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