How TrueTrophies will handle the new trophy value and trophy level changes

By Rich Stone,
Hopefully you've seen by now that Sony have made changes to the trophy level values and those changes are being rolled out at the moment.

What was not announced in the original PlayStation Blog post was the additional change that is being made to the value of the Platinum trophy.

Previously, trophy XP was awarded for the four trophy types using the following values:
  • Bronze trophy - 15 XP
  • Silver trophy - 30 XP
  • Gold trophy - 90 XP
  • Platinum trophy - 180 XP
Most of our users that are familiar with how the True scoring works here on TT will be aware of these values.

However, as of today, we have calculated that Platinum trophies are now worth 300 XP. This will have a big impact on TrueTrophy scores as soon as we reflect that change here, and at the same time will cause absolute chaos in the first period of scoring in the GTTSC.

In order to prevent the contest being completely derailed, we are going to do the following (all times are UTC):
  • Allow GTTSC Period 1 to end as normal at 1pm on Monday 12th October before making any changes
  • Normal eliminations will take place at that point based on the current scoring rules
  • When period 2 starts at 1pm on Monday, we will set the period length to 24 hours and set the eliminations to zero for that period
  • We will then set the Platinum trophy to 300 XP and recalculate the true scores for the entire site - trophies, games and gamers
  • Those changes will be complete by the time period 2 ends at 1pm on Tuesday - with no eliminations
  • Period 3 will start at 1pm on Tuesday and be set for 6 days long with normal elimination numbers
  • Period 3 will end at 1pm on Monday 19th October and Period 4 will start and be back to the regular 7 day length
This gives us a full 24 hours to update all the stats in the site, and set up the new True Trophy levels, without breaking the contest.

Note: by setting period 2 eliminations set to zero, trophies scanned in during period 2 will effectively not count for the contest, although they will still show in the contest stats (which will also be thrown out of whack somewhat by Sony's changes, but there's not a great deal we can do about that).

While this plan looks quite complicated, I feel it's the fairest way to keep the site up to date, while at the same time maintaining some sort of integrity for the contest.

Thank you for your patience on Tuesday (scores may look a little wonky for a while), and happy trophy-hunting!

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Creator of TrueTrophies, TrueAchievements and TrueSteamAchievements. Loves racing games, not convinced by RPGs.