Dreams gets a big update today with new instruments, music tracks, and more

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Music Update launches today for Dreams, with hundreds of new instruments, upgrades to Effect Fields, new music clips, new music tracks, and "important fixes."

Music update

Ed Hargrave, Media Molecule's senior principal sound designer, runs through the update in more detail on a recent PlayStation Blog post. The instrument collection gets hundreds of new orchestral instruments, new synths, drum kits, pianos, guitars, church organs — "just in time for Halloween" — and more. The collections now feature "doodles from Maja-Lisa," and there are better previews available for every instrument.

The movement page for Effect Fields now lets you "sync the effect to the beat of a timeline or instrument," and you'll also be able to change the height of the effect's influence, for better control on "which sounds it affects." New music clips have also been added with "pre-composed loops and phrases" which you can combine to make whatever you want, while new Music Tracks offer "fully composed pieces." They have been divided into themed sub-collections based on "musical flavour." The update also adds some fixes, such as a balance to the default volume of instruments. The update is mostly to do with music, but there will be improvements to other areas of the "Dreamiverse," to be included with the patch notes when the update goes live.

Media Molecule has a big Dreams roadmap, with info of what they're working on for the future. These include Homespace Additions, Magic Doors, and a new Time Gadget. We'll let you know when Media Molecule shares more ideas on big future updates.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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