PS5 reportedly has 664GB of usable storage space

By Sean Carey,
According to a new leak, only 664GB of the PlayStation 5's 825GB SSD can be used for storing games and other media on, with the rest seemingly being taken up by the operating system and system files.

PS5 storage space

Various images of the alleged PlayStation 5's UI in Russian were posted over on ResetEra, including how much usable space there is on the console's internal SSD. Considering the OS and operating files do take up a fair chunk of storage on a console's drive, 664GB isn't outside the realm of possibility. Last month, it was revealed that the Xbox Series X's 1TB drive has around 800GB of usable storage space after system files were taken into account.

It's worth taking these images with a pinch of salt, though. They aren't of the best quality, and if you look closely, a mouse cursor is present on the screen, but that could be down to several reasons. Sony has not confirmed anything on how much usable storage space the console will have.

Game file sizes have grown increasingly larger this generation, and are probably only going to get bigger with next-gen. Sony has said PS5 owners will be able to expand the console's storage with special external SSD drives but hasn't given much more away on that front.

The PS5 launches on November 12th or November 19th depending on your region.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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