Apex Legends finally gets cross-play next week

By Sean Carey,
Apex Legends is getting cross-play support next week. The Apex Legends cross-play beta kicks off on October 6th, meaning you'll be able to squad up with your friends on Xbox One and PC via Origin.

The Aftermarket Collection also comes alongside the cross-play beta on October 6th. As usual, we have a trio of skins to grab, a bunch of other cosmetics to unlock, and a new limited-time game mode. In "Flashpoint" all health and shield pickups have been removed, and the only way to regain health is by making your way to a special Flashpoint zone.

Respawn says console players won't be matched with PC players unless they have a member of their squad who is playing on PC. Cross-play can also be turned off.

The Aftermarket Collection event and cross-play beta start on October 6th.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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