Resident Evil Village devs say it's got "just as much horror — if not more" than RE7

By Heidi Nicholas,
A new developer insights video shares more details about the characters, location, and tone of Resident Evil Village. The dev team says the game has "just as much horror — if not more" than Resident Evil 7, but from what's been said about the game so far, it seems to be aiming for its own type of horror.

Capcom has emphasised before that Village looks to depict a different kind of terror, but in this latest video, the development team add that they're also aiming for the game to be "beautiful yet terrifying," and that they "aimed for a more eye-catching design with Village."

Director Morimasa Sato adds that "when people imagine a single village, I think most would tend to envision something quite small. But when you look at Village, even the far-off landscapes are extremely realistic," and it does seem as though the scope of the game will feel bigger. Several shots in the trailer showed far off mountains and a castle, and it looks like a more expanded world. "The game world has an incredible sense of scale," says Sato, and it seems this sense of scale and scope will reward exploration too: "we want the player to walk through and encounter things that make them think, 'Wow, you can even get to this place... I didn't expect to find something like this.'"

The devs also explained a little about that eerie storybook-style chunk of the latest trailer, too, saying, "we went with the picture book motif because we realised this was going to be a game with a lot of different elements in it. Personally the thing I dislike the most is when a story with a lot of elements fails to tie them together, leaving the player thinking 'what was all that about?' So we were hoping that the book could serve to take any element that we might add, and bind them all together in one place."

Resident Evil Village launches for PS5 sometime in 2021.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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