Minecraft gets PS VR support today

By Sean Carey,
Minecraft is getting VR support in a new update later today. Those with PS VR headsets can jump into the blocky world of Minecraft and play the game from a new perspective.

Mojang Studios says this is still the same Minecraft experience we all know love. "It is 100% the same Minecraft game that you can play every day, every week, every month, every year. Nothing removed. 100% wholesome & pure full-fat Minecraft."

The update also comes with a couple of new settings, so players can tweak the VR experience as they see fit. This includes two game modes, VR: Immersive and Living Room. Mojang hasn't said what these are exactly, but the developer believes "both are cool."

Minecraft does not support the PS Move controllers, which is a bit of a shame, as it would be pretty to cool to punch trees into blocks with your bare fists. Instead, you'll need your trusty DualShock 4 at the ready.

Existing PS4 Minecraft owners will receive the free update later today.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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