Is PlayStation Plus Collection Sony's answer to Xbox Game Pass?

By Luke Albigés,
PlayStation Plus subscribers who pick up a PS5 can now look forward to an additional benefit from the service, namely the newly-announced PlayStation Plus Collection for PS5.

ps plus collection

As best we can tell, the service — which was showcased with short clips of just about every major first-party PS4 release as well as highlights from partners like Capcom, EA, Warner Bros., Bethesda, Atlus, and more — will be available at no extra cost and will let PS5 owners download and play many of the best games of this generation on the new console.

While it might not have the chief draw of Xbox Game Pass (major games being added at launch), it's a great jumping-off point for Sony to offer an instant library of games to PS+ subscribers, adding additional value to the subscription fee. However, what this might mean for PS Now is anyone's guess right now, frankly.

We'll be sure to investigate and let you know when we learn more about PlayStation Plus Collection, but for now, what are your thoughts on the service?
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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