Demon's Souls invades PS5 on November 12th

By Luke Albigés,
Sony today broke the news that fans have been dying to hear — the ground-up remake of PS3 cult classic Demon's Souls will be releasing alongside PlayStation 5 on November 12th (or November 19th, depending on your region).

Given the massive popularity of the Souls franchise in recent years, a reworking of the game that started it all has seemed to be a no-brainer for the longest time. As with some of the finest remakes and remasters of this generation (and indeed last), the experts at Bluepoint Games — the studio behind polishing up God of War Collection, Shadow of the Colossus, and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection — have been handed the reins, and the results look absolutely amazing.

Where once were scratchy PS3 visuals are now cutting-edge next-gen fantasy backdrops, and the Souls series has never looked so good. And hey, if Bluepoint has been busy with this, then maybe the core FromSoftware team has had a little time to get cracking on Bloodborne 2? Hey, we can dream.

Demon's Souls will be a PS5 launch title, available from November 12th.
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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