Fall Guys devs share new details on The Watermelon Crew, Cheater's Island, and Big Yeetus

By Heidi Nicholas,
At one point, in an earlier year, it might have seemed odd to start a Tuesday by talking about Big Yeetus. But this is 2020, and here we are. The Fall Guys senior community manager Oliver has shared a little more info on the game's background and future, including Cheater's Island, the next update, and the arrival of Big Yeetus: that large spinning hammer that can boost you through the races by literally catapulting you over everyone else.

The update comes out later today, and as those screenshots show, there will be a number of new obstacles, including giant watermelons, for the little jelly beans to try and avoid. Mediatonic says these will be "random level variations including Big Yeetus." Oliver later adds that it will be the game's biggest update yet, as aside from that Big Yeetus hammer of doom, bug fixes, and improved stability, the team will also be implementing new anti-cheat measures.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Oliver says Mediatonic has been aiming for open communication, but that they'd had to be "cryptic and vague" about cheating and their plans to stop it, because they were in the midst of working on what Oliver has dubbed Cheater's Island. When the game launched, the team used the game's cheat detection to identify cheaters and boot them to Cheater's Island, where the only players they'd be up against would be other cheaters. They gradually lowered the threshold on cheat detection, allowing players to finish their game but only allowing them to match with other cheaters once they started up a new one. More than 40 players were needed to create a game on Cheater Island's own servers, and if there weren't enough, you'd just be left to fall forever. At launch some players were complaining that they'd been falling for a long time, and while the game did have some bugs around that, Mediatonic also reiterates that mostly "they were cheaters."

At one point, there were enough cheaters to populate Cheater's Island, but there was enough confusion around what was actually happening that Mediatonic decided to call for back-up from Epic. Long story short, this next update will include Epic's Anti-Cheat as a "huge step forward," and should make a major difference for those players encountering cheaters in the game.

The update will be out later today. Fall Guys has more content on the way soon, as the game's second season will add new medieval-themed levels.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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