Here's what we learned from the world premiere of Immortals Fenyx Rising

By Heidi Nicholas,
During the Ubisoft Forward digital showcase, we at last got a look at Immortals Fenyx Rising with new trailers, developer commentary, gameplay and more. Here's what we learnt.

Remember Disney's Hercules? Where the Titans were rampaging all over the place and Danny DeVito played a satyr? Well, in Immortals, it's the Titan Typhon who's loose from his imprisonment. The Greek gods have lost their power and control of the Golden Isle, which Typhon now rules with an army from the underworld. You'll play as Fenyx, a demigod who's been shipwrecked on the isle, and the only person who can save the gods.

The world of Immortals has been split up into seven regions, with each governed by a different god, and reflecting that god's powers and personality. Aphrodite's plains are beautiful and overflowing with nature, while Hephaestus's Forge Lands are arid and metallic. The world is overrun by a variety of mythological beasts: harpies, cyclopes, Medusa and the Minotaur among them. Typhon has also corrupted other famous heroes of legend, like Achilles.

Fenyx won't be entirely defenceless. You'll have powers from the gods, like Hephaestus's Hammer, as well as legendary weapons like the bow of Odysseus and the sword of Achilles. You'll also have the wings of Daedalus for exploration and air combat, and some Breath of the Wild type abilities to help with solving puzzles.

In the myths, Zeus defeated Typhon with thunderbolts, and in Immortals, Typhon has these thunderbolts locked up in vaults. Throughout the Golden Isle, you will come across Rifts in the ground and hopping in them takes you to an otherworldly realm, with a puzzle to solve to gain back one of Zeus's bolts.

Fenyx will be completely customisable, using Aphrodite's Beauty Chair to change their voice, hairstyle, and face shape. Immortals has a whole lot of armour, gear, and weapons scattered across the world, each with its own distinct look. Aside from treasure chests, there's also a lot of resources to gather to craft potions at Circe's cauldron or to upgrade gear, like pomegranates for health potions and coins of Charon to upgrade items at the player hub in the Hall of the Gods.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a mix of action-adventure, RPG elements, and open-world exploration, with the whole narrated by Zeus and Prometheus. The world premiere during Ubisoft Forward also confirmed a launch date of December 3rd: that's another major Ubisoft game releasing this year, with Watch Dogs: Legion in October, Assassin's Creed Valhalla in November, and Immortals Fenyx Rising in December. There's still a few months to go until Immortals releases, so while we wait, why not check out our thoughts of an early demo of the game in our Immortals Fenyx Rising hands-on preview.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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