Hotshot Racing trophy list revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Hotshot Racing Trophy list.

There are 51 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Hotshot Racing Trophies

Name Description
Hotshot Swot! Unlock every trophy. icon
Follow Your Dreams Achieve 1st place as Alexa in any Grand Prix on Expert. icon
Gentrified Achieve 1st place as Aston in any Grand Prix on Expert. icon
Daredevil Achieve 1st place as Xing in any Grand Prix on Expert. icon
Artiste Achieve 1st place as Keiko in any Grand Prix on Expert. icon
Speedster Achieve 1st place as Marcus in any Grand Prix on Expert. icon
Raving Achieve 1st place as Viktor in any Grand Prix on Expert. icon
Family Man Achieve 1st place as Mike in any Grand Prix on Expert. icon
Not a Robot Achieve 1st place as Toshiro in any Grand Prix on Expert. icon
Hotshot Come 1st in every GP as any character on Expert. icon
Newbie Come 1st in an arcade race. icon
Competent Come 1st in 4 arcade races on different tracks. icon
Professional Come 1st in 8 arcade races on different tracks. icon
World Class Come 1st in 16 arcade races on different tracks. icon
Hustler Come 1st in an Arcade Race after dropping to 8th place from 1st place. icon
Show Off… Reverse across the finish line and take 1st place in an arcade race. icon
Globetrotter Finish an arcade race on every track. icon
Referral Bonus (Cops only) Convert 3 Robbers into Cops in a Cops & Robbers race. icon
Beat the Rap (Robbers only) Complete a race of Cops & Robbers without being converted into a Cop. icon
Dunkin' (Robbers Only) Perform a donut in a race and achieve the highest score. icon
Seeing Double (Cops Only) Convert 2 Robbers within a second of eachother icon
Catch my Drift Build a full boost bar segment from one drift. icon
Reverse Psychology (Cops only) Convert a Robber by colliding whilst driving in the wrong direction. icon
Barely Breathing Drive or Explode: Finish a race on fire. icon
Precision Drive or Explode: Finish a lap without taking any damage. (Restored health is irrelevant.) icon
The Destroyer Drive or Explode: Cause 3 vehicles to explode within 10 seconds of hitting them. icon
K.O. In Drive or Explode, crash into another racer causing them to explode. icon
Supersonic Cross the finish line on Drive or Explode at 300mph. icon
Not Your Lucky Day In Drive or Explode, explode before reaching the 1st checkpoint. icon
C4 Start the explosion timer 4 times in Drive or Explode. icon
Stick it to the Dev Beat a default ghost time in Time Trial. icon
Follow the Crowd Beat a downloaded ghost time in Time Trial. icon
Machine in the Ghost Drive inside a ghost in Time Trial for 5 seconds. icon
Marking Territory Set a personal best time on every track. (No mirrored track required.) icon
Practise Makes Perfect Beat 5 personal bests on any track. icon
BWM Driver Slipstream behind a player for 5 seconds. icon
Grafting hard Build your boost meter to full from empty twice in a race. icon
Pacifist Complete a race without colliding with another racer. icon
Serial Sprinter Perform 10 boosts in a race. icon
Redemption Arc Fail a start line boost and take 1st place in arcade mode. icon
Speedy Exit Exit a Drift with a Boost. icon
Phew! Come 1st and beat 2nd place by 1 second. icon
Destruction Level 99 Finish a race with 20 track destructibles destroyed. icon
Overachiever Unlock all customisation options. icon
Trophy Hunter Purchase all customisation options. icon
On Cloud 9 Come 1st in 9 online races (any game mode) icon
The Peacock Customise every aspect of a vehicle and complete a race with it. icon
Fishing for Compliments Play an Online race with a customised vehicle. icon
Wheeler Dealer Complete a race in every vehicle. icon
Self Reflection Complete a race on a mirrored track. icon
Carbon Fibre Optic Play an Online race. icon
Hotshot Racing is developed by Lucky Mountain Games and published by Curve Digital.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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