Minecraft Dungeons gets ten new trophies with Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter

By Heidi Nicholas,
We have just picked up two new sets of trophies for Minecraft Dungeons, with five each for the Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter DLC packs. The Jungle Awakens DLC launched back in July without trophies, but Mojang has decided to launch both sets of trophies today alongside the Creeping Winter DL and a free content update.

First up, there's the Jungle Awakens trophy list with five trophies, none of which are hidden.

Minecraft Dungeons ~ TitledHeroArt

Name Description
Abomination Domination Complete Overgrown Temple on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty. icon
Pandamonium Complete the Panda Plateau secret mission. icon
Leader Of The Pack Wear the Ocelot Armour and complete any mission featuring Ocelots without killing any of them. icon
Survival Skills Complete Dingy Jungle without using a healing potion or losing a life. icon
Jungle Fungus Defeat the Mooshroom Monstrosity using only gear unique to the jungle. icon
The Jungle Awakens DLC includes three story missions and two mobs, the Leapleaf and the Whisperer, as well as new weapons, armour, artefacts, and a boss fight with the Jungle Abomination. The official description says the DLC revolves around "a source of unbelievable power" which has "crash-landed among the twisting vines of a distant, dangerous jungle." You'll need to deal with the Jungle Abomination to save the land.

Next is the Creeping Winter trophy list with five trophies, none of which are hidden.

Creeping Winter

Name Description
Lone Champion Complete Lone Fortress on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty. icon
Lost In The Snow Complete the Lost Settlement secret mission. icon
Chill Out Defeat 5 mobs with a single Ice Wand attack. icon
Smooth Operator Slide a total distance of 500 blocks on ice. icon
Frozen Fists Complete Frosted Fjord without having a melee or ranged weapon equipped at any time. icon
As soon as you've saved the jungle, you'll need to crack on with saving the icy lands of Creeping Winter. Just as the name suggests, "a creeping winter is slowly taking over everything it touches, and the source of its chilling power is a powerful creature known as the Wretched Wraith. To stop the never-ending winter in its icy tracks, a noble hero must take on new missions in the lands trapped below zero." You'll be up against two new mobs, the Illusioner and Iceologer, before taking on the Wretched Wraith itself. The DLC also adds three new missions, new weapons, armour, and artefacts. Along with the Jungle Awakens trophies and the Creeping Winter content and trophies, Mojang is also today releasing a free update with new merchants, the Blacksmith and the Gift Wrapper, and new Daily Trials.

Minecraft Dungeons is developed by Double Eleven and published by Xbox Game Studios, and was released on 26 May 2020.
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