Sony PS VR Spotlight to showcase upcoming VR games — no PS5 news

By Sean Carey,
Sony will be shining the spotlight on PlayStation VR this week. Over the next several days, Sony will be making new PS VR game announcements and giving us all updates on previously revealed PS VR titles.

PSVR spotlight sale

Starting from today and running through until Friday, Sony will be sharing PS VR news each day at 3 PM BST/ 10 AM ET/ 7 AM PT over on PlayStation Blog. We've already had our first announcement, and it was a big one. Minecraft is officially getting free PS VR support soon. Mojang Studios is currently adding "final bits of polish" to the VR mode and will soon be rolling out the patch to all Minecraft owners on PS4.

To manage expectations, Sony said in its announcement there would be no PS5-related news this week, and the focus will be on PS VR games only.

Starting Wednesday, September 9th, there's also going to be a special PS VR sale over on the PlayStation Store. Games such as Arizona Sunshine, Superhot VR, L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files and more will all be discounted until September 23rd. Once we get new details on what's included in the sale, we'll update you.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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