Fall Guys is adding a large spinning hammer called "Big Yeetus"

By Sean Carey,
Big Yeetus — a large spinning hammer that can catapult players forward through races in the battle royale — is coming to Fall Guys. The Fall Guys team announced the new feature over on Twitter.

The hammer, jokingly titled "Big Yeetus" will appear at random in various levels and has been designed to "shake things up." The GIF the Fall Guys team provided shows a jelly bean sacrificially hurling itself in front of the ferocious hammer before it's then smacked across the level completely skipping over some obstacles.

Big Yeetus has become a meme overnight, and in typical Fall Guys style, the social media team has jumped at the chance to play up the incoming hammer. A tweet sent to Death Stranding and Walking Dead star Norman Reedus asked if he'd consider voicing Big Yeetus saying, "It probably only says the word "YEET", but it's basically the main character in our video game." He has not replied. The Fall Guys team then sent out another tweet to the band Wheatus asking if they could orchestrate music for Big Yeetus. So far, the band has not replied.

Mediatonic has not said when Big Yeetus will be added to Fall Guys. As soon as we find out more, we'll let you know.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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