Marvel's Avengers beta confirmed as the most downloaded beta ever on PlayStation

By Heidi Nicholas,
The most recent Marvel's Avengers beta was open to all players, and Square Enix has now confirmed it was the most downloaded beta "in PlayStation history."

The beta was open to players across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and during the game's most recent War Table stream, developers Crystal Dynamics shared some pretty impressive player stats: over six million players jumped into the beta and spent over 27 million hours playing it. 389 million enemies were defeated, with players using 33 million Ms Marvel Embiggens, 22 million Hulkbusters, and 29 trillion kilowatts of energy from Iron Man's Arc Reactor.

That War Table stream also gave us a closer look at Crystal Dynamics' aims for post-launch content. Kate Bishop will be the first new hero to join the game — for free — after launch, and her story will tie in to that of the original Hawkeye: he went missing during their mission to find Nick Fury, and it looks as though we'll be helping Kate to find out what happened. Along with new story content, Kate's addition also brings new Heroic Skills, gear, and a new villain. Each content drop with new heroes and missions will apparently be called Operations, and Kate's Operation, "Taking AIM," arrives in October with Hawkeye following in November.

Crystal Dynamics also went into detail on some late-game content. AIM Secret Labs and Mega Hives are only available to higher-level heroes. The Secret Labs pop up once a week and offer co-op team gameplay, with you and your squad having a limited time to explore the Lab and complete its boss fight. Mega Hives can be played solo, and pits you against waves of increasingly more dangerous opponents as you descend through the floors of the Hive. If all your heroes are beaten, you have to start again.

There's a number of game modes on offer, including Villain Sectors for boss fights and the Shield Substation Zero social space, which arrives after launch and tasks you with helping Maria Hill investigate "Tachyon Rifts."

Marvel's Avengers releases tomorrow, September 4th.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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