Fall Guys devs looking at crossplay and playlist features

By Heidi Nicholas,
If there's one slightly more wholesome surprise of 2020, it's everybody's sudden and complete obsession with the jelly-bean characters of Fall Guys and their wobbly waddling adventures in pursuit of A Win. The game's massive success has apparently shifted Mediatonic's roadmap completely, and from the sound of things, the devs have a fair few plans in store.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Talking to Kotaku Australia, lead designer Joe Walsh says "the plan went out the window on day one, really... We have some things we know we need to focus on as a matter of priority, and the first one is content." Walsh says that "Game shows are built on variety and they’re built on novelty so for Fall Guys to achieve its goal of being the ‘greatest game show ever made’ we need to create that sort of variety and that sort of novelty." The team is apparently already play-testing "new stuff almost every day — also, new interesting ways to play that content through things like crossplay or squad mode or special playlists with weird combinations of rounds.”

The addition of playlists is one of the most heavily-requested features from the Fall Guys fanbase, specifically for a playlist that does away with team games. Some players might be on their way to victory through survival or race modes, only to be frustrated in a team game like Tail Tag or Egg Scramble. Walsh explained why the team feels team modes are necessary in a Reddit post, where he said the devs need to pay attention to the "unspoken majority" as well as the "loud, very competitive, but ultimately small" online community, that the unavoidable chaos of team games is part of their vision for the game, and that they want Fall Guys to be accessible, and team games give "lower skilled players a chance to progress as part of a team."

Fall Guys competition

Walsh also added that they "really like the idea of doing a 'pure solos' or 'Gauntlet Only' playlist in some form down the line, so if team games aren't your thing there should be events/modes that appeal to you in the future." Combined with his comments to Kotaku Australia, this seems promising for players who are still holding out for a "pure solos" playlist.

“Basically, we want to get to the point where every time you play Fall Guys, there’s something new and interesting that you’ve not seen before. It’s a lofty goal and it’s going to take a while to get there but I think that’s the biggest focus for the team right now," Walsh says. "The roadmap is really changing day by day at the moment as the game continues to blow up."

It's a busy time all-round for Fall Guys: Hotfix 2 is out now, adding controller options for PS4 players to invert the X/Y axis and sensitivity settings. One complaint about team games is that team sizes are often unequal: Hotfix 2 has a tweak for this, meaning team games will only be selected if all teams can be the same size. Hotfix 2 also addresses the top 5 most frequent crashes, and includes a range of other improvements. Cheaters continue to be an issue for players, but the team confirmed that "dealing with cheaters is a top priority," and that they'll start to take "more immediate action soon," as at the moment cheaters are able to finish their show before being blocked.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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