Final Fantasy XIV x Yo-kai Watch collaboration event returns today

By Luke Albigés,
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.3 is still petty fresh out of the oven, but we're already getting another in-game event. This time, it's the return of the Yo-Kai Watch crossover, with a few new additions since it last occured back in 2017. And in even better news, it's nowhere near the awful grindfest it was when last we saw it.

Starting today, players can once again pick up their very own Yo-kai Watch item from a special NPC in the Steps of Nald in Ul'dah, then must participate in FATEs (the game's public events) all over the world in order to earn Yo-kai Medals. These can be exchanged with a new vendor at the Gold Saucer for minions of the various ghostly Pokemon-like characters from the series.

And it doesn't stop there. Victory in certain FATEs while having one of the special Yo-kai minions equipped will earn you Legendary Yo-kai Medals, and those can be turned in for event-exclusive weapons. There's one of these for each class, including brand new ones for jobs like Gunbreaker and Dancer that weren't in the game last time the event rolled around.

FFXIV Yokai Watch crossover event

Still hungry for more? Square has you covered, and this part is probably the main draw since there are unique mounts to be unlocked, including a rare two-seater one. The catch? Well, the basic mount requires you to round up 13 different minions for the related in-game achievement. The second – a slightly shinier reskin of the first – requires the corresponding achievement for the weapons, and will take a fair bit longer.

Finally, the grand prize of an elusive two-seater mount can be yours if you manage to bag the achievement for getting all 17 special weapons. Given how much of a grind obtaining all the weapons was before, we were a bit worried about there being four more to get. However, as luck would have it, Square has significantly reduced the Medal costs of all items, so getting the lot might actually be viable even if you don't have months of spare time to run FATEs.

If you're still confused about how this ghostly affair works, there's no need to be. Reddit user Kaiyoko threw together this super-handy infographic that explains everything. Now get out there and round up those spooks!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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