Fall Guys now has an Enter the Gungeon skin & more crossover skins might be on the way

By Heidi Nicholas,
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is enjoying a mini crossover with Enter the Gungeon, with a BulletKin skin currently available in the in-game shop. It also looks as though there could be more Devolver Digital crossover skins on the way.

The BulletKin skin is available as two Legendary upper and lower outfit pieces, at five crowns each. Enter the Gungeon is a roguelite from Dodge Roll Games, and, like Fall Guys, it's published by Devolver Digital. The in-game shop's selection updates pretty frequently, and Fall Guys dataminers have reported that two more games from Devolver Digital might be getting their own themed skins soon: one from Portal, and another from My Friend Pedro.

To be clear, there's been no official word from Mediatonic on any crossover skin except that of BulletKin. However, the HypexFG Twitter account claims to have found two themed skins set to release next month (thanks, Eurogamer): the Portal themed skin on September 3rd and the My friend Pedro skin on September 6th. Interestingly, these leaks suggest the Portal skin would only be for PC players.

Fall Guys has been a bit of an indie sensation: it had so many players at launch that the game's servers were overwhelmed, causing the dev team to try and secretly bring the servers back online. The game's Twitter account regularly jokes about crossovers with everything from Cyberpunk 2077 to KFC, so it's possible we'll be seeing a fair few crossover skins arrive into the game. We'll let you know when Mediatonic shares some official info.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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