Update: Jump Showdown has now been added to Fall Guys

By Heidi Nicholas,
Second Update: Mediatonic has now pushed the patch live after a small delay. Jump Showdown is now playable in Fall Guys:

Update: The Fall Guys team has now pushed the update's release back to tomorrow:

Original story: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout gets a new level today: Jump Showdown, a "fan-favourite" from the game's beta. The devs are also adding a range of fixes and improvements, and say new levels, features and costumes are "coming soon."

As the video shows, Jump Showdown is a little like Jump Club, except even more stressful. It's got the same beams rotating at the top and smaller beams underneath that need to be jumped — except these beams are now gold — but segments of the platform will disappear as the game progresses, leaving you less safe space to stand in.

The devs reiterate that more new levels, features, and costumes will join the game soon. In the meantime, today's update also adds a number of improvements and fixes. One change implemented with this patch is that the weighting for Royal Fumble has been lowered, meaning you should have more variety in which level you play for the final round of the game. Mediatonic also says it's "improved messaging for matchmaking and server errors", fixed the physics for levels like Tip Toe, fixed the issue where the crown in Fall Mountain isn't grabbable, and fixed an issue where parties would sometimes fail due to "too many requests." The full patch notes are included below Mediatonic's tweet.

The biggest part of today's patch is definitely the new level, and the promise of more to come. What do you think about Jump Showdown? How are you enjoying Fall Guys? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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