New Godfall gameplay shows almost nine minutes of in-development footage on a PS5 dev kit

By Heidi Nicholas,
PlayStation's latest State of Play episode gave us almost nine minutes of in-development Godfall gameplay footage, captured on a PS5 dev kit, during which we were shown more about the game's world, combat, and weapon classes.

The game's director, Keith Lee, narrates the walkthrough. Lee runs over the basic info about Godfall: it's a "looter/slasher" — he describes this as an action/RPG loot progression combined with third-person melee combat — "that features intense action, satisfying moment-to-moment combat, and robust loot progression systems." It can be played solo, or with online co-op for up to two extra players. It's set in a "high fantasy universe filled with heroic knights, arcane magic, and forbidden realms." This world, Aperion, is divided into the "elemental realms of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire."

Lee also reiterates that there won't be any microtransactions for Godfall: all loot and gear can be earned in-game from day one. You're playing as a Valorian knight; "a godlike warrior able to equip Valorplates, legendary armour sets that transform you into an unstoppable master of melee combat," and battling through enemies to face your final opponent, a god.

There are five weapon classes: long-sword, dual blades, pole-arm, two-handed war-hammer, and two-handed great-sword, and each weapon within these classes will have its own "primary and secondary traits." This gameplay footage focused more on the dual blades, which are the fastest weapon class in the game, and the long-sword, which is a more balanced weapon. You'll also be able to equip a shield, although it seems the combat is more targeted towards an offensive approach.

There's no release date for Godfall yet, but it will be launching for the PS5. What do you think of Godfall so far? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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